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Secure Entry Ways and Prudent Office and Visitor Security Key for Schools

Posted by John Shriner on Tue, Feb 18, 2014 @ 12:19PM
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As Published in S.E.E.N Magazine (South East Education Network)
In most cases a secure entryway is the answer to securing
the school coupled with a prudent level of security around
the office or visitor registration areas.

Installations, Inc. has been in business since 1977 specializing
in the fabrication and installation of bullet resistant
security enclosures. We offer full consulting services for
those that are looking to enhance the security of their
schools.  From emergency procedures and processes to physical security enhancements, Installations can help!

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From entry ways to bullet resistant windows to weapons
detection systems, Installations Inc. can work with you to
create a security plan and design that will not only be the
most cost effective but will greatly enhance the life and
personal safety of our students and teachers.

Installations Inc:  800-442-2290 WWW.INSTALLATIONS.ORG

John Shriner

John Shriner

John Shriner
VP Installations, Inc.
John Shriner is a 30 year veteran of the
security industry. Prior to joining Installations,
Inc. John was an independent
security consultant. He has also worked
in the security fi eld for Wells Fargo
Corporation and Dukes Corporation and
served as a Security Police Offi cer in
the United States Air Force.
John is a Certified Risk Professional,
Certifi ed Fraud Examiner, Certifi ed
Financial Services Security Professional
and a Certifi ed Homeland Security

Topics: emergency preparedness, workplace violence, emergency procedures, bullet proof glass, workplace violence prevention, bullet resistant glass, robbery, schools